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This is my Perfect Broment: Dan & Dan.

This is my Perfect Broment: Dan & Dan.

If you’ve picked up Nuts Magazine, visited our Facebook page or even glanced an eye over Twitter, you’ll know that for over a week now, we’ve been on the lookout for Britain’s Biggest Bromance – those 2 guys that define the very word and make ‘romance’ look like a mere handshake. Since starting the search on we’ve seen so many entries we’ve almost drowned beneath the bromance – with all the bro’s out there showing that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about roses and chocolates (okay, maybe the chocolates are a good thing). So as we approach the big day where the UK’s official biggest and best bromance is announced, we thought we’d share some of the stand-out broments with you... Because like the Martine McCutcheon song goes ‘This is my Broment… my Perfect Broment’ (that’s if her name was really Martin and Love, Actually was about a gay Prime-Minister but anyway). Here is the heart-warming story of… Dan and Dan. Even their names are the same, so this one was promising right from the offset. Meeting in possibly the least bromantic place you could hope to bump in to a bro for life, this one started out in the frozen food section of Tesco where they both worked (who hasn’t worked at Tesco in their teenage/student years?) Chicken nuggets and frozen chips didn’t put them off though; as they soon got talking and bromancing over their love of Manchester United (this bromance has instantly lost the affections of anyone that doesn’t support them), Oasis, going out and doing as little work as they could possibly get away with. Soon this whirlwind bromance moved from the freezer aisle to lunches playing pool, nights out, going to see their beloved Man Utd, concerts and game after game of FIFA (the staple of any good bromance). That’s not it though, as there has been numerous times they’ve picked each other up from a fall – whether that is laying face down in the middle of Shepard’s Bush after a hefty round of pub golf, having to sleep in a train station or being kicked to the curb for cheating – it doesn’t matter to these 2 Dan’s… and like all good stories there’s a happy ending. Having settled down with wives (we hope they came to us for stag weekend ideas) and had children, this incredibly long bromance has been through it all… but is it good enough to be crowned Britain’s Biggest Bromance? We’ll just have to wait and see.   Be sure to check back for more bromantic stories and if you haven’t entered yours yet, send it to: before the 11th February!

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