Medieval Banquet in Budapest

15 Apr 2009

If you really think you’ve done and seen everything on your stag do, then get your bags packed, take your passport and a spare pair of socks and prepare to hit Budapest where as well as partying all night long in this amazing destination, you’ll also be entertained like never before with a medieval banquet. Budapest is easy to get to from many airports in the UK and it is served by many of the low cost airlines so you can still justify going abroad for your stag do even if you are watching the pennies. It’s a once in a lifetime thing (we hope).

This activity is definitely one to get dressed up for and just think, back in the day of King Henry it was all about eating and drinking far too much and indulging in whatever took your fancy. Does that not sound like a stag party? For this event you will be seated in a banquet hall and over a few hours will be entertained by court jesters and performers whilst being served course upon course of fantastic food. Forget your bite sized nouvelle cuisine shite, this is a meal fit for a stag party which means it needs to be big, dirty and very filling. With course upon course washed down with your tipple of choice, be it beer, mead or wine you and your friends will indeed feel like kings for the night. A great obvious twist is obviously dressing up the stag as your favourite wench and offering him to other tables for their merriment!

During the day you can get yourself into the medieval mood by taking in some of the breathtaking sights this city has to offer.  The city is split into two parts by the river Danube and on the West you have the hilly historic part of Buda and on the East side of the river you have the modern and vibrant area of Pest which is where the main bars, shops and entertainment areas are. From the Castle District, to the Royal Palace you’ll be faced with some stunning architecture and you’ll have to pinch yourself to believe you’re in the present day. Take some time to explore the historical part of the city and have your camera at the ready because even though you’re there to drink and party, getting a couple of shots you can show the missus is always handy.

This medieval banquet works so well in Budapest which is the capital city of Hungary. As a historic city, it has fast become a popular destination for stag weekends. Budapest has many late night party venues that can see you drinking and dancing till dawn, you just need to know where to look for them. Budapest is one of those cities where it is worth doing a little research about the pub and club hotspots you can find tucked away in a corner of the city if you don’t want to hit the main tourist traps. Choose this and you are bound to have an unforgettable Budapest stag weekend.


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