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Changed man Russell Brand presents stag do challenge

Russell Brand is synonymous with wild behaviour and womanising, but that was until he met American singer Katy Perry. Now, the funny man has said goodbye to life's temptations, which is presenting a bit of a problem for his best man.

Brand said his best man Nick has been tasked with organising a stag do that doesn't involve alcohol, women or drugs and he suspects there will be little point in the resulting night.

He laughed: ”I don’t take drugs any more, I don’t drink… so what do you do? I can’t have sex with people on the stag night, so what’s the point? I might as well watch television! That’s the challenge for my best man, Nick – to make a stag night for a man who can’t have sex, do drugs or drink in any way.”

'Nick' should have a browse around our stag activities for some inspiration, as while many of the best events do involve women and booze, there is also lots of offer, such as paintballing, bobsleigh rides and even sumo wrestling, which is something we'd love to see Russell having a crack at.

By Rob Hogley