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Christmas Covered: Our Christmas Present Buying Guide for your Girl

Christmas Covered: Our Christmas Present Buying Guide for your Girl

Categories: Stag Dating Advice

Time to panic guys, Christmas is two weeks away and I’m probably right in guessing that most of you haven’t got your other half anything that resembles a present yet (apparently wrapping a bow around yourself isn’t a proper present, believe me I’ve tried). Good job you’ve got us here at The Stag Company to help you out though, isn’t it? We’ve knocked up a gift buying guide that you can use to get some decent ideas for last minute Christmas presents. It doesn’t matter if you’re fooling around with a girly girl, married to a glam girl, or even dating a geek, we’ve got some ideas and suggestions for (almost) everyone. Granted some of these ideas won’t be suitable for your girl but they are better than the classic last gasp present of petrol station flowers, a box of malteasers and a card with ‘Happy Christmas Nan’ emblazoned across the front of it. I know from personal experience that buying that exact combination of presents doesn’t end well, let’s just say it was a good job I didn’t live too far away from the hospital at the time. You definitely don’t want to be in the 20% of men that give their girl money at Christmas, no matter how tempting that sounds. Sure, there is nothing easier than just throwing your lady a score on Christmas morning and muttering something about getting herself something pretty, but this is 2013 and we’re a different kind of man now; especially when you’ve got people like us to do most of the work for you. So sit back, have a read through our Christmas present gift guide, and enjoy a smug little smile when you know you can get the perfect present wrapped and under the tree before 4pm on Christmas Eve. You know what that means as well, don’t you? You can be in the pub before 4pm on Christmas Eve too. You’re welcome!

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