Clay Pigeon Shooting in Bristol

27 Jan 2009

As the most populous city in South West England, it's no surprise that it's a popular destination for stag weekends. Bristol has been up and coming as a destination choice for a while now,  and its nightlife proudly boasts some fantastic nightclubs like Oceana and the Syndicate Superclub, the latter which hosts some big Gatecrasher events if you like it like that. There's a great cluster of clubs, bars and a casino on the waterfront which should have plenty to keep you entertained in the evening. It might be a centre of great heritage and culture but as with all our destinations, we just want to make sure you can get trolleyed in style.

But what about the day time?  Seeing as your night is going to be a non-stop bar crawl through Park Street, Corn Street and Baldwin Street, why not have something manly enough to include guns, but not so knackering you won't be able to get your groove on in the evening?

Clay shooting gets the best of both worlds, there's nothing quite like the buck of a powerful shotgun and the smashing into little pieces of the helpless clay to raise the spirits.  The top class venue we've hand-picked for you is about 20 mins from the centre of Bristol, so minimum time spent travelling as we know time is best spent either having fun or drinking, not being stuck in a taxi. If you're in the south west area and looking for a real treat let us send you to some super Bristol countryside to spend your afternoon blasting lead pellets at clay pigeons.

You'll be surprised how easy it is to get into this sport which makes it perfect for beginners and if you've got a group of people who don't already know each other; it's a good ice breaker before the evening out. Some people worry that they won't be able to hit anything but we once went with work, and took some of the girls and even they hit a few... and they're girls... (though considering how good their aim is, I probably shouldn't be saying stuff like that).

It's also a very competitive sport.  You don't have several clay pigeon associations set up if it's not a sturdy sport for people to get excited about, and you too can feel the addictive exhilaration as you fire shot after shot and compare your scores with the guys later on.


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