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Clays in Edinburgh

Clays in Edinburgh

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As capital city of our friend’s country, north of the border Edinburgh is the seventh largest city in the UK. It’s also one of the hottest spots to party and unsurprisingly is one of our most asked for stag weekend locations. With a unique mixture of historic buildings and bustling night life, Edinburgh caters to all tastes, making it a perfect back drop to that last weekend of freedom.

With rolling landscapes and picturesque countryside Edinburgh is ideal for outdoor activities and there are plenty on offer with our range of weekend packages. If rough and tumble in the mud isn’t so much of your scene, and you are looking for something more suitable to laird of the manor then how about testing your aim on clay pigeon shooting in Edinburgh and then taking to the green for a nine hole round?

Clays and Golf are a great day time package for stags in Edinburgh and we’ve searched high and low for a friendly, popular centre that caters for all levels of abilities in both sports. Even if you think a driver is someone to get you to your hotel and your wood is something to get you into…trouble, golf can still be enjoyed, though you might want to get someone to clarify the types of club.

If you’re the sort of group that wants to save your energy for the big night ahead, or if you’re feeling delicate from the night before, these activities are perfect for having a laugh with your buddies without exhausting yourself before the main event. Aside from the women wine and song, the stag weekend is about being with your mates, shooting the shit and taking the piss out of each other. And these activities give you plenty of time to catch up whilst convincing yourself that you’ve done some exercise.

Clay pigeon shooting came about after live bird competitions were made illegal in 1921. Clays definitely has the edge over live targets in this case as you never run out of things to hit. If you’ve never held a shotgun before, you’re in for a real treat when you get one of these fantastic firearms against your shoulder. Gentleman’s sport or not, there’s something undoubtedly cool about holding one of these guns.

As usual you’ll be given a safety briefing, goggles and then you’re up. It’s a great competitive sport and there’s a satisfying pride to hear the crack of the clay as it shatters on direct impact. It’s also incredibly addictive and once you start hitting them out of the sky you won’t want to stop.

After a few rounds of shooting and totting up scorecards you can move on to the next fresh air event and play nine holes in a picturesque setting. Most people have agreed that golf as we know it originated from Scotland some time during the 12th century near the world famous Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. The original game was thought to be from shepherd knocking stones into rabbit holes…Things have moved on since then but what better place to play the sport than in the game’s country of birth?

Whether you’re more bogey than birdie, one thing’s for sure, knocking those balls round a fantastic green with great mates is a perfect way to spend an afternoon. When you’ve finished your course, and had done with the fresh country air, head straight to the pub to compare score sheets and start your own round of nine at the bar.