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Confused by tipping etiquette? You're not alone!

After you've been entertained by a stripper on your European stag night and you are unsure how much to tip the lady for her service, well this is because you are from Britain, whose holidaymakers have been found to be confused by tipping etiquette.

A survey by Trip Advisor has discovered that us confused Brits consider ourselves to be mean tippers while on holiday, but we are in fact among the most generous tippers in Europe.

The survey questioned 2,400 holiday makers and 27% of them believe tipping should be abolished, while 6% have had their holiday ruined because of a tipping situation.

Almost 75& of Brits admitted they didn't research individual countries tipping etiquette before travelling, while 46% took the approach of the "one size fits all" with regard to how much they tip - if any.

Given that in Asian countries, such as Japan and China, tipping is not expected or even deemed to be rude, this is certainly not the best approach.

While the Brits feel they are the worst tippers the survey found that Spaniards were the worst, with 80% confessing they do not always tip on holiday, closely followed by 78% of Italians and 76% of French. Britons scored much better on 57%.

The survey also found that Brits would rather carry their luggage than tip porters, while 30% tip staff at the start of their holiday to increase the chances of being treated well during their break.

As for how much we should tip strippers on a stag weekend, we are afraid we are still unsure.