Cost of clubbing has gone down, says research

29 Mar 2010

Cost of clubbing has gone down, says research

The majority of stag nights end up with a trip to a nightclub and it can often have the effect of emptying what is left in your wallet, especially as by this stage of the evening ordering a round of shots along with drinks seems like a good idea. The cost of the round of drinks can leave you gobsmacked, but according to research the cost of clubbing has dropped by more than 9% in real terms over the last 20 years. London PR company Outpost calculates that the cost of a night out in 1990 was £32.64, while now it is £59.40, so taking inflation into account we are now better off following a night out than a generation ago. Outpost's David Silverman said "Our research shows that consumers are getting a much better deal in today's clubbing market than they have had in previous years. We could put this down to a general rise in cost effective events providing a quality experience, while at the same time offering good value for money." It may be hard to be encouraged by that news, especially given that Outpost also speculate that a pint of beer could cost £5.00 by 2012. With that in mind we say get your drinks in now.


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