17 Dec 2008


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Okay, probably not something you want to think about when you’ve just popped the questions, have decided she is the one and you secretly still find her attractive when she’s hungover, looking like shit and guffing like a trooper.

And at the Stag Company, we are sure that you’re wedding will be the one to stand the test of time, we’re not talking about you or your friends in this article, we’re talking about other people…so just relax.

Let’s face it though, with more and more idiots getting married, divorce rates are going to keep soaring. Almost 1 in 2 marriages end in divorce (we’re still not talking about you though – we have a good feeling that you’ll definitely be growing old together) so it would be daft of us not to write a little something about the subject.

Believe it or not Jeremy Kyle did not start divorce…

Nor does the show sponsor the process, although it definitely parades perfect candidates for divorce…and neutering.

Divorce has been going on since the Romans and also back in Ancient Athens. Back then it was relatively easy to get the paperwork for a divorce but frowning family and friends often kept divorce at bay unless there were extreme circumstances.

One of the best well known divorces in English history is that of large love lord Henry the 8th who famously decided to turn his back on the Roman Catholic Church and head up a better organisation, the Church of England so he could bin Catherine of Aragon and nail the busty Beauty Anne Boleyn.

Unfortunately, not everyone is King of England with the power to get rid or execute the battle axes and some may have to go through lengthy divorce proceedings with solicitors (which means money)


But it’s not all bad!

No! Because even if you’re divorcing in at 40.2-43.7 years after 11.5 years (average statistics for 2008.) there are reasons to celebrate when the final paperwork comes through:

50s are the new 40s, 40s are the new 30s, 30s are the new 20s etc which means even if she’s aged you 20 years, you’ve just scraped back 10!

Divorce parties – it’s your stag do all over again, without the wedding

You’re free – no more ear ache if you’re late – there is no late!

All that fish in the sea – get your rod and tackle out and dive in

Girls mature faster than boys…which means 20-somethings love the older man…You’re about to swap your Ford Belmont in for a nippy little Focus. Whatever the analogy you can bag a newer, younger model with better curves and tighter handling…


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