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Evening stag do activities

There is a lot of focus on what to do during the day on your stag weekend as everyone assumes the evening will fall into place once the beers start flowing.

However, not all stags are happy, or able to, spend an entire evening focusing on drinking and being the subject of tricks and ridicule. So, before you head to the night club, lap dancing joint or casino, which are all best after a few drinks, what else can you do?

Comedy Club

The obvious and most popular choice is to visit a Comedy Club as you can sit back, relax, enjoy a beer or three, and (hopefully) laugh a lot. There is always the chance the stag will get picked on by the acts to provide even more humour, even if you'll struggle to remember any of the best lines in the morning.

Night at the Dogs

A great way to pass the early evening hours is with some light hearted gambling at the dogs. You'll quickly get carried away in cheering on your chosen bitch (so to speak) and if you are very lucky you might head off to the next part of your evening quids in.

Steak and stripper

Sadly the UK is slow in moving with our European friends and adopting this type of evening. If you are lucky enough to be leaving politcal correctness at home then this is the evening stag do entertainment that can not be missed. We all love steak and we all love strippers, so it is a bloody good idea to put the two treats together.*

*The Stag Company is not liable for any chocking incidents, so please chew responsibly.

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