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Everything You Need To Know About The Rugby World Cup

Everything You Need To Know About The Rugby World Cup

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We are fast approaching September, with only a matter of weeks now until the big kick off at Twickenham, as we welcome the Rugby World Cup back home to Britain. England and Wales will be joint hosting the tournament, with 11 different cities getting the chance to witness the tournament up-close. Take a look at our infographic below to read about a number of interesting facts and figures surrounding this relatively young tournament.


Stats & Facts

Can you believe people used to get sick from having to blow up pig bladders with their mouth! Not a nice thought now, but back in 'those days', it was really the best option if you fancied a game of rugby. The death toll wasn't a huge figure, but it was enough to make you squirm. So who will you be placing your bets on to win the big game? New Zealand are being touted as the obvious winner, with a number of other teams considered to be in with a chance such as England, Australia and South Africa. You might also want to take a punt at France. Let us know who you are betting on, while we will keep you up to date on the odds. The figure of 4 billion people expected to watch the tournament would make it the greatest so far for rugby. The last football world cup was believed to have gained 6 billion viewers. Just to put this into perspective, the American Superbowl only gained 120 million viewers. So how about volunteering at this years tournament? Unfortunately, you're a little too late. In fact, you're way too late! Applications had to be in a year ago, with 20,000 people putting their names into the ring. Had applications stayed open, this figure would have undoubtedly doubled or tripled, however by closing the application early, it meant true rugby fans would be the only ones applying, while it would also give them time to carefully consider applicants and time availability. The final figure was drawn down to 6,000, who will get to witness the games up close and personal, albeit while handling crowds and working at the stadiums for free. Don't forget, if you're hoping to book yourself a Rugby Stag Do then we can help you with reserving a section of a bar for you and your mates. Tables and TV viewing sections of bars are booking up quick, so contact us soon if this appeals to you (whether you are on a stag do or simply want us to reserve it for you and your mates). We will also be hosting more rugby focused stag parties in the near future, including stadium tours and other exciting packages. Speak to a member of our sales team to get details on what sports based packages we have available, with our football stadium tours proving popular, as well as 'play with a legend'. Oh, one final fact that intrigued us, the whistle which will be used on the first game is over a hundred years old and is always used in the first match of the World Cup. I don't want to think about how many mouths have been on that! It's had more tongue action than...well, we won't go there.

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