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Fire in the… Toilet? Stag Party Prank goes Wrong

Fire in the… Toilet? Stag Party Prank goes Wrong

Usually the guys on a stag weekend are trying their best to start a fire on the dance floor with some well-rehearsed moves and maybe a little bit of Dutch courage, but for one New Zealand groom-to-be he was more pre-occupied with starting fires in probably the last place you’re going to impress the ladies: the toilet. In what was an ill-advised prank probably some way related to a Vindaloo they had the night before, the stag had reportedly first been given a costume to wear at his party and instead of wearing it decided to set fire to the thing and throw it at other guests and even the rest of his mates... God only knows what the costume was, because it seemed to give him a severe case of stag-sadness as he took it upon himself to head to the toilets and carry out his own ‘prank’ – setting fire to some loo roll, leaving it in the lavvies and locking the door behind him. There’s 2 ways to look at this: 1: He’s from New Zealand and they do things a little bit differently over there, or 2: he’s a little bit like Sid from Toy Story and gets a kick out of setting fire to things. We’re thinking that it’s the latter but either way; the stunt has landed him in court on the charges of intentionally damaging property and without a doubt won’t be the kind of wedding present his wife-to-be was expecting (unless she was also off on her hen night striking matches, that is). Now here at The Stag Company we’re all up for a good, healthy prank that leaves the stag or one of his best mates stitched up, but we’d probably stop short of setting fire to a pub’s toilets because… you know, drinking all night makes you need to pee and pee and then pee some more. Actually, why did they even bother calling the fire brigade? If you want to get inspired by some pranks, games and dares that probably won’t land you in court, check out this blog I wrote just last week!

Tom Bourlet

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