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Focus on Amsterdam Stag Weekends

There is an expectation that Stag weekends are naughty by nature, so Amsterdam, which is synonymous with all things naughty should be the perfect destination for an eventful last night of freedom.

It is fair to describe the capital of the Netherlands as a Sin City and there is ample opportunity to push the boundaries on a stag holiday there with peep shows, sex shows, not to mention coffee shops, and a lot more depending on your moral boundaries.

However, if this creates an image of a soulless dirty city you couldn’t be more wrong, and why Amsterdam should be considered for a stag weekend even if the naughtier nature of it isn’t a motivator for going.

Amsterdam, with its canals, bridges, crooked buildings and narrow cobbled streets is a beautiful city. It is full of culture, from Anne Frank to Vincent Van Gogh, while it is a first class city to navigate by public transport, and of course by bike.

The Dutch are exceptionally friendly, so there can be few better places to wonder into a local pub and enjoy some bevies with the natives. The beer on offer across Amsterdam is also a huge selling point, while a trip to the famous Heineken Brewery is also a must-do activity.

As well as Amsterdam’s seedy and racy side, and its touristy cultural side, this is also a destination that houses a wealth of fantastic activities, so there will be stag weekend packages for everyone.

You can embark on a gun shooting experience involving pistols and Kalashnikovs, or for something very different try your hand at indoor surfing. To find out more about Amsterdam Stag Weekends, give us a call.