A Fool Proof Wedding Checklist

11 Dec 2008

A Fool Proof Wedding Checklist

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In most cases, once you've plucked up the courage to pop the question and the wedding date is confirmed you can pretty much do sweet F.A. I know you'll have just strapped yourself into an emotional rollercoaster for the next few months but apart from thinking about it, mumbling 'yes' or 'no' at the correct moment - you escape quite a lot.

Your best man organises the stag do, its left to Bridezilla and her mum, The Wedding Gator, to sort out the wedding and you're left to put in the much needed stag weekend training.

But every stag needs his very own checklist on the day of the wedding and here it is, courtesy of your very own fairy stagfather.

In no particular order:

* Give the rings to the best man
* Have a hair cut
* Bolt the goods – just so you don't disappoint on THE special night
* Brush your teeth
* Make sure the hip flask is full
* Have a few shots – helps with the Dutch courage
* Have a wash
* Fresh pants
* Practice your speech
* Flowers for The Wedding Gator
* Pay anyone off to remain silent on the day
* Repeat the words – I WILL
* Get married

Hopefully you'll have ruined yourself on the stag party a few days before so you don't need me to tell you to get to the church. Remember all the above pointers and you'll be hitched without a hitch.

I thank you.


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