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Football fans postpone holidays to avoid missing World Cup

Football fans are willing to postpone a holiday in order to avoid missing any of the World Cup, according to a new survey.

We are sure this does not apply to stag holidays, but more likely a break with a loved one, who is more than likely going to kick up a fuss over traveling across the globe only to sit in a pub watching football.

The survey from Sky News, which questioned 2,000 people, also found that over half would not go shopping with a partner during the World Cup. However, we want to know just who would go shopping during the World Cup?

The World Cup does have other consequences with over a fifth saying they would drink and smoke more than usual, and 48% would try to watch matches at work.

While 16% said they are so engrossed in games that they have stopped cooking and are living on takeaways.

By Mike Shepherd