Gavin Henson to be denied stag do by Church?

22 Apr 2010

Wales rugby star Gavin Henson is reportedly being denied a stag do by his partner Charlotte Church, who is planning a joint stag and hen event, which of course just isn't the same.

The Daily Star reports that the one-time 'Voice of an Angel' is worried that Henson may get into trouble if he heads off for a planned party in Las Vegas on his own. Perhaps she has seen The Hangover?

"Charlotte knows what Gav’s schoolmates are like and reckons things will get out of hand. She's worried they’ll shave his eyebrows off or get him arrested for something silly like being naked in the street," said a source in the paper.

"Now she's trying to talk Gav into having a joint hen and stag do so she can keep her eye on him."

While a stag do with your wife-to-be isn't right we are sure Charlotte knows how to party like the lads.

There has been talk that the duo are planning a ceremony in July in the Bahamas.


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