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Geordie Shore Blamed for Rowdy Stag Do Scots

Newcastle stag weekends are on the rise - not particularly new news (we reported this a few months ago), but the new hit MTV reality show is prompting an even further surge of revellers to this well-known party capital. All good news, right? Local businesses stand to make huge gains - kebab shops, pubs, clubs all have seen their coffers swell, even the British railway service must be chuffed with the rise of travellers - not so, it seems.

The hit series is apparently marking Newcastle out as a target for the most despicable of invaders from North of the Border - these brutish oafs are allegedly guilty of acts of anti-social behaviour, including swearing, playing loud music and shouting - causing a British Transport Police spokeswoman to say, enough is enough.

Sgt Stephanie Reynolds, from British Transport Police, said: "Passengers have reported problems from large groups travelling on the trains for their anti-social behaviour, often swearing, playing loud music and shouting - disturbing other passengers from their journey on their way to stag weekends.

"We have had officers on these services and at stations warning revellers of their behaviour which has seen a reduction of incidents.

"However, we are not complacent and will continue have officers onboard to reduce this issue."

This flies in the face of last month, when Kerry Taylor, the director of MTV said that Geordie Shore, far from being detrimental to the image of Newcastle, was actually a positive influence,

"The show has got some slightly outrageous pieces, and we're absolutely not trying to represent the north-east.

"[But] I do think the qualities that come across in the characters - their warmth, their sense of loyalty to each other and their sense of humour - are really admirable qualities and I think that's a really positive perspective on the north-east."

Sgt Reynolds was not convinced, however, as she added,

"We aren't out to spoil your party. Newcastle is a beautiful city full of culture and fantastic night life. We want everyone to enjoy themselves, but would warn visitors not to spoil the party for anyone else.

"Anti-social behaviour and over indulging in alcohol will not be tolerated on the rail network and we will continue to put officers on services to reassure passengers and staff."

Make your own mind up, people - but be sure to board the good ship fun times, with a stag do Newcastle stylee.