Some Top Tips For Golfing in Bath

27 Jan 2009

Some Top Tips For Golfing in Bath

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Famous for its spas and springs Bath initially sounds like a place to relax and unwind, and it can be, but only a little. The most relaxing thing we offer is our Golf package so if you're looking at Bath as your weekend destination and fancy a stroll during the day then Golf and Bath go hand in hand my friend.

With two universities, The University of Bath and Bath Spa University, it means you have plenty of students, and plenty of students mean plenty of thirsty students which in turn mean plenty of bars to quench said students thirst. In short, it's a city that likes to party and with a population of around 80,000 people it's no tiny dot on the map.

Golf is the perfect way to pace you on a two night break in the City of Bath. We've hand picked a fine course which will suit beginners and experts alike, and will mentally prepare you for the evening ahead drinking in Bath as you stroll around the fairway. Golfing in Bath is very popular and often asked for by groups of stags who are looking to head to the Avon Valley to celebrate the groom's last nights of freedom. Set within some stunning views of the Bath countryside you'll feel refreshed from stroke after stroke of your wood until you sink a birdie in the hole...

With almost 32,000 golf courses in the world, and England ranking one of the countries with the most courses relative to population, it doesn't take a genius to figure out how popular this sport is. Initially the sport professionally was dominated by Scottish players – where the game's thought to originate from, but the Americans have caught up and now have the most leading professional golfers. If you've never played golf before you might not know what to expect from the course. With a sprawling green, courses are usually peppered with hazards to make the game trickier. This might include sand bunkers, areas of grass roughage, and even ponds which lie in wait to swallow your balls!

If you're really unfamiliar with golf, here are the basic rules: Generally you play 18 holes in a set order. Each hit of the ball that takes you to putt the ball into the hole is counted, and the player with the least amount of hits wins.

It doesn't matter if you don't know the first thing about golf, because the main thing is that you're with your mates having a laugh and wandering round a course in sunny Bath chatting about rubbish is just that.


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