Grace of Brighton Review

05 Aug 2016

Grace of Brighton Review

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Looking to bring your stag do to the wonderful girls of Grace's? 

At The Stag Company, we understand that attending a lap dancing club on your stag do is highly likely, and our job is to recommend you first-rate venues to avoid disappointment and ensure you and the lads a wild night. If you are a regular goer to such venues, you’ll be aware that few are of premier quality. However, we can assure you that Grace’s is professional, stylish and offers some great girls whose main interest is to make your send-off special. The venue welcomes you lads with open arms and a selection of girls dance for your entertainment all night, so even if you want to pitch up for a couple of drinks, the stage will be graced with Grace’s girls!

What to Expect

Grace of Brighton is situated on North Street, which is perfect for those of you looking to go out after, or before the lap dancing club. You can attend a normal night at Grace’s or, if you let them know a group of you are coming, they can tailor you a special stag experience which consists of, getting the stag on stage, a private dance and you can also request the best seats in the venue. They also accept any number of you stags, even if you’re a particularly large group of lads, it doesn’t hinder your entry. Fancy dress is also welcome so, if you have kitted the stag out with the usual, crude, stag do paraphernalia then you’ll still be allowed in the venue, just let them know beforehand. On weekdays the club is open 10-4am, though on Friday and Saturday the club stays open until 5am, so you free to roam in however late you wish.

Stripper for Grace Post

At Grace’s the mood is set with blue and red lighting and candle light, which creates a relaxed ambiance. The music isn’t too loud, so you and the lads can still have conversations and there is also seating at the bar if you want a little break from the action. The venue also offers comfortable, stylish seats and even places fresh flowers on the bar. It’s very professionally finished and you do feel as though you are in a fine establishment. The waitresses are very attentive and you won’t be neglected by the staff, they ensure they meet all your desires. The venue does have a strict no touching policy, so don’t get boozy and break the rules as there’s a strong possibility you’ll be discharged from the venue. Due to the club’s ambiance, it has become a popular drinking venue in general, even attracting a few women. They also provide hen package offers! This could be a great idea for those of you considering a ‘sten’ or ‘hag’ weekend! Which is a mixed gender celebration, with your fiancé.

The girls at Grace’s pride themselves with their professionalism, making the experience both stylish and sophisticated. Slick, smooth and sexy, the vibe at Grace is welcoming and relaxed, ideal for the last night of freedom in Brighton. The club also offers a selection of premium vodkas and other spirits for you and the lads to drink, so you can enjoy the full, luxury package.

Continue the Party.. 

If you arrive at the club early or late, you have a choice of clubs to attend either before or after.  The club is situated right in the middle of town, so you are in walking distance from the clubs on the seafront such as Coalition, Shoosh and The Arch and also just around the corner from West Street where you’ll find commercial clubs such as Pryzm, Revoultion Vodka, and Wetherspoons. Luckily, you’re also in the right location for after night fast food dives, and there is even a 24 hour café on the seafront called buddies to cure any late night queasiness!


Travel is also easy, it’s a walk from Brighton station if you’re staying a little further out of town and there is an abundance of bus stops all along North Street, so it is easy to navigate your way home via public transport. If, however, you wish to stay at Grace’s until closing time at 5am, public transport may have become a little infrequent. So, you might be better off making your way back in a taxi. There is a taxi rank at the bottom of North Street, and all of which charge by the meter unless you ring up and pre-book.



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