Groom cancels marriage to 'bearded' wife

04 Mar 2010

We've all heard of beer goggles, which can result in a shock when waking up on the morning after the night before to find someone not resembling the person you thought you'd falled asleep next to.

Well one Groom in the United Arab Emirates didn't realise his predicament until after he had got married and upon realising his bride was 'cross-eyed' and 'bearded' he promptly cancelled the marriage.

The man, a UAE ambassador, explained his unfortunate situation resulted from her entire face being covered during the courting process. It was only after their marriage contract had been signed that he leaned in to kiss her and made the discovery.

The Gulf News website reports that the ambassador reneged the marriage contract, claiming he was deceived as his other had reportedly been shown pictures of the bride’s sister.

The ambassador has since sued for the 'emotional and moral damage' he has suffered and demanded $136,000 from his former wife to cover gifts he had lavished on her.

So, on a stag party it might be an idea just to check with the groom-to-be that he has checked his would-be wife for facial hair.


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