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Holiday pictures can evoke smells, say Nikon

We're not sure this is a good thing for stag groups, but according to leading camera makers Nikon, holiday photos can evoke smells from the trip in question.

So in the case of stag holidays that will be the smell of beer, smelly rooms and.... well worse smells than that... but for some lads photos on a stag do are already off limits to ensure 'what happens on the stag, stays on the stag'.

The study commissioned by Nikon found that by looking at a picture of a scene or location, 47 per cent of Britons can remember the scent associated with the photograph.

Mark Pekelharing said: "This research into scents associated with memories shows that not only do Europeans have an amazing ability to remember certain scenes and locations based on scents and smells, the majority also make a conscious effort to maximise the power of these memories for themselves."