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Hookers – Just Another Part of the Stag Weekend?

Hookers – Just Another Part of the Stag Weekend?

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Authorities in Amsterdam want to halve the number of brothels in the red light district. They’ve already shut down 109 sex windows since last year, so it might be time to hop over to Holland before all the fun is gone. Don’t worry, they don’t want to get rid of it completely, but if you’re a man who likes a bit of choice you might want to go sooner rather than later for a sneaky peek or to sample the local wares…I said wares…

Birds have always been a part of stag weekends, and anyone knows what happens on the stag tour stays on the stag tour, they're the stag do rules, but whereas a highlight used to be a roly poly stripper in the local pub, cheap flights to popular places like Amsterdam with relaxed laws means prostitutes could well be on the menu of your stag weekend.

Is there still stigma surrounding prostitution, does it count as cheating, or is it just all part of the fun? We asked a few guys what they thought. Oddly enough – no-one wanted their names in print…

Stag do prostitutes – sleazy or super?

“Sleazy? You have to be kidding, some of the beauties in the red light district look like they’re just walked out of a lingerie catalogue. Only they’re not in a well thumbed catalogue, they’re there in the flesh for fun and fumbles. Brilliant.” -Anonymous Cambridge

“I don’t mind it, but it’s not for me, I went on a stag weekend last year to Amsterdam and there was something about seeing my mate’s 50 year old dad rubbing his hands together and licking his lips as he went in to tap some 20 year old ass that made me feel a bit ill.” - Anonymous Inverness

“Love em love em love em Love em love em love em Love em love em love em Love em love em love em. Wish I could take one home to give the missus a lesson or two” -
Anonymous via email, location unknown.

“Super, you can do all the things you’d never dare ask your girlfriend for, and there’s no chance she can say she got a headache, or just want to “cuddle”. It’s a bit intimidating the first time, but once you remember that it’s all about YOU and what YOU want it’s like your birthday and Christmas altogether…dressed in the sexiest underwear ever!” - Anonymous – Kent

“Sleazy. I don’t get the appeal, never been interested, but then again my girlfriend is filthy and stunning. Why buy a bottle when you’ve got it on tap?” Smug and anonymous - Brighton