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Stag Do Dares

17 Jan 2022

Stag Do Dares

Categories: Things To Try

Stag dos are a rite of passage when a man is transformed from a single bachelor into a respectable married man. It's pretty obvious, but we're gonna say it anyway, it's a big deal, a really big deal. It's an event that can't pass by quietly, it's an event that NEEDS to be celebrated in a way that will forever live on as legendary in the mind of every lad who attends.

But how to make your stag legendary? Well, the essential recipe for stag legend status just requires a few key ingredients. Doing things that are either hilarious, unforgettable or incredibly stupid – and any combination of those is just more of a guaranteed hit.

It's a time-tested recipe, one that is far more important to human development than things like inventing the wheel or creating fire. And as well as an array of legendary nights out and activities, it's about the dares. So we've put our heads together to put together the ultimate list of stag do dares, that (without fail) will make your stag do. You can either pick a few that stick out from our lists below, or you can use them as inspiration for your own mental dares. And it goes without saying, the more mental – the better! And if you're really open to do anything on a stag, well check out our ultimate stag do dare.

One thing does have to be kept in mind though lads. Some of these dares are a little bit ridiculous, some even border into insanely idiotic and dangerous. So if at any point during this list of dares you come across one that you're not comfortable doing, well... feel free to say no. There is just one tiny issue with this... namely that you'll have to complete a stag do forfeit.

Stag Antlers
Stag Do Classic Dare List
Stag Antlers

Here's the classic list. The original. A list that's as full of must dos as a weekend of paintballing, go-karting, and beer drinking.

  1. Spend 24 hours without any footwear
  2. Lick the armpit of a male stranger
  3. Do 20 push ups – every time the best man blows a whistle
  4. Cover your entire tongue with hot sauce (or black pepper if there's no hot sauce) and swallow
  5. Hide the stag's clothes
  6. Hide the new clothes the stag had to buy because you wouldn't tell him where you hid the old ones
  7. Sing everything you say for 15 minutes in the style of Pavarotti
  8. Copy everything that a member of the public is doing
  9. Gather at least three strangers and teach them how to line dance (even better if you don't actually know how to line dance)
  10. Wear your clothes inside out with your pants over your jeans and your socks over your shoes
  11. Don't say no for an hour
  12. Wear a toilet paper wedding dress in a public place
  13. Sleep in a different venue than the rest of you group (extra credit if it's outside)
  14. Put on a French accent and convince a total stranger that you're actually French
  15. If you find a busker on the streets – make the stag join in (bonus points if you're on a stag do abroad)
  16. Act out a full movie scene
  17. If a member of your stag has a beard, they have to tell every other beard wearer they see that "I didn't like my beard, but then it grew on me"
  18. Ask for diet water with one of your meals. When they don't bring it keep asking.
  19. Hold hands with a fellow stag
  20. Hold hands with a stranger
  21. Swap around your phones and text the folks back home
  22. Get the rest of the group to make up a nickname, explain to a stranger how you got it
  23. Get something worth £5 for free
  24. If the stag has a beard – make him shave half of it off and go out like that
  25. Tell every policeman you see that you "love a man in uniform"
  26. Make a heartfelt confession that you used to be a woman
  27. Perform a pre-arranged dance routine every hour on the hour
  28. When eating out and you go to the bathroom, upon returning to the table you have to explain to the waiter where you've been (points for explaining which number
  29. Be Arnie. For the entire stag.

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Stag Antlers
Stag Do Abroad Dares List
Stag Antlers

Borders? We don't need no stinking borders. If your stag do is going abroad then we've got a carefully curated list of dares to kick your stag up a notch!.

  1. Call the bride and ask her what she knows about bail requirements in Budapest
  2. Get a group of locals to sing a football chant from your home-town
  3. Convince the locals you're not English
  4. Convince the locals you're a local, but you're just practicing your English
  5. Consume only the national liquor
  6. Ask people about entirely wrong iconic sights (i.e in Paris, ask about the Leaning Tower)
  7. Convince a stranger you've known them for years
  8. Convince a barman to take sterling for a pint
  9. Teach a stranger the National Anthem
  10. Learn the National Anthem of Hungary/Bulgaria/Holland etc. whenever anyone asks if you're English perform said anthem
  11. Tell everyone you encounter that you're Prince Harry
  12. Eat the most disgusting local cuisine you can find
  13. When you enter a bar, introduce yourself in the most over the top English manner

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Stag Antlers
Stag Night Dare List
Stag Antlers

It's 2AM, legs are getting tired, the thought of a kebab has become oddly appealing. Everything's getting a big leggy. What better way to bring back the party vibes than with a few stag night dare!?

  1. Convince a girl to give you her knickers – wear said knickers on your head
  2. Organise a bar wide conga
  3. Tell the nearest person your dearest sexual fantasy
  4. Get a girl to buy you a drink
  5. Wear a diaper (extra point for using it)
  6. Use the diaper
  7. If any of you still know the girl you lost your virginity to, drunk dial them
  8. Work as a toilet attendant
  9. Convince (or pay) a 'gross stranger (the nastier the better) to accompany the group for two hours
  10. Steal something from each bar you visit - without being caught by the staff (the bigger the item the better.)
  11. Blag a free drink from the bar
  12. Steal a girl's drinks, down it and don't replace it
  13. Go to a karaoke bar and pick the slowest most boring song. Sing it like you mean it. Cry if you have to
  14. Sneak behind the bar and serve customers as if you work there
  15. Go to a karaoke bar and sign either the 7-minute version of American Pie, the 9 minute of Bat out of Hell or for extra points What's Up? By 4 NonBlondes (Like you really mean it)
  16. Ring for last orders
  17. Remove your underwear without leaving the room
  18. Buy a stranger a drink
  19. Get a stranger to buy you a drink
  20. Buy two drinks and go over to a stranger and thank them
  21. Walk between bars backwards
  22. Don't go to a karaoke bar, sing acapella in the street
  23. Find a girl in the bar and ask her to switch tops with you for 30 minutes
  24. Talk to a girl and when she asks your name, burp it
  25. Lick something in the bar that the group decides on (not a person!)
  26. Play the alphabet game where you have to get an item of clothing, a phone number or a kiss from girls whose names are A through Z
  27. Kiss and lick a girl's feet at 2am (with her permission!)<
  28. Find a guy you don't know. Tell him you think he's attractive and get his number
  29. Wear a gimp suit for the entire night out
  30. Give a guy you don't know a sexy chair dance – this must be videoed
  31. Drink every drink you have out of a shoe for the entire night
  32. Get a bra from a stranger and wear it over your shirt for 2 hours
  33. Convince a lady to let the stag draw an ejaculating penis on her forehead
  34. Wear all your clothes inside out for a night out
  35. Pull out a pube in the middle of the bar
  36. Get the stag to challenge a person of the best man's choice to a "twerk off" in a bar
  37. Shopping list: End the night having collected, a slice of lemon, an autograph, a match, a menthol cigarette, a pint glass, a business card, a pair of tights, a condom, a tampon, a straw

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Stag Antlers
Ultimate Stag Do Dare
Stag Antlers

Are you reading through these dares and thinking, that's too easy. Do you want a stag do dare which is both unforgettable, hilarious and more than a little stupid? One that will leave the groom-to-be quivering in his boots because he doesn't know what's coming next?

Well, it's actually easier than you might suspect. And there's beauty in that simplicity.

Basically, you make a little sign and strap it to the groom's shirt, and he has to wear it for the stag. This little sign reads as follows: GOT A DARE FOR THE STAG? CALL THIS NUMBER – and insert the number of a phone the Best Man has a hold of. And whenever that phone vibrates and a text comes through? The stag's gotta do it. Members of the public can get involved, members of the party can put up their best ideas. And all in the name of humiliating the groom-to-be, and really... isn't that what it's all about?

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Stag Antlers
Stag Do Dare List - Print Out
Stag Antlers

Now we realise that printing out this entire blog might be a bit of a challenge, and with printer ink as expensive as it is you might be broke before you ever go on the stag. So because we're so conscientious about printer ink wastage we've created a cool looking stag do dare card for you to print out and distribute to the lads.

All you've gotta do is open and print out the above image, or click on this link to save it as a PDF to view on your iPhone or other fancy high tech device.

Make sure to let us know if you get 29/29!

Click to download
Stag Do Dares

How Far Is Too Far?

We all love a good prank, but where do you draw the line? Will you leave your stag in stitches, or literally leave them in stitches? Will you having him cracking up or crack up your friendship? Enough of the silly quotes, the point I want to make is we can easily go to far with a stag do dare, so you need to set some limits and work out the grooms boundaries.

A stag do kidnap is hilarious for some who love banter, but if they're a self conscious individual who is very shy, you may actually give them a panic attack. This is why it is important to speak to the groom beforehand. You don't have to reveal your plans or give away what activities you're going to try, you just need to see what the groom will find funny or what will leave him fuming all night. Remember, it might be funny for the group, but this is his big send off, the focus should be on him having the greatest night of his life (or ultimate weekend), so have a few dares, but don't take the biscuit. 

Where Do I Do The Dares?

It's one thing planning out some evil challenges for the groom, it's another thing working out when is appropriate to do them. This will largely depend on the nature of the dare. 

We've written up some great dares that can be done in a pub or a bar, so you could try them on the night out. However, make sure to do them relatively early in the night, as once it gets too late, nobody will remember them or people might forget to push the groom to complete the dare. The first two bars on a crawl are normally the best options.

On the other hand, if you're drinking the whole way through the day, then you have pretty much free reign to pick, but again, don't opt for too late, as the groom might have been given too many shots by the stag party to complete them.

What Are The Craziest Stag Do Dares?

We have inevibtaly heard some remarkable stories from our customers over the past couple of decades, as they spill the beans on the naughty dares they've performed on the groom or within the stag group.

A popular one is to approach people in the bar and state ludicrous things, or to wear some form of fancy dress, but I love when they really go wild. 

One of the craziest I have heard includes how a stag wore nappies and had to....relieve himself on the middle of the dancefloor. Let's just say his nappies needed changing while the smell was apparently pretty bad. Be aware, if you do this, you'll probably have to leave the club and the night will end pretty quickly! 

Another I have found hilarious is when people are dared to do the rabid dog chase, which will certainly get the adrenaline pumping!

Enjoy, and good luck you legends!

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