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Horse Racing on a Stag Weekend

Horse racing has a lot to offer guys on a stag weekend. You can dress up like gents, or casually like stable hands. There are places to drink, fresh air if the weather's good and the chance for some real adrenaline if you choose to have a flutter or two on the gee-gees. So what can you expect if you choose to go horse racing on your stag weekend?

There are a number of fantastic courses around the country that we send our stag parties to, to go horse racing with some of the most popular destinations being London and York - both famous for their magnificent race courses. At the race course you don't have to top hat and tail it like old fashioned gents, but it's generally a good idea to make a bit of an effort. Even if you don't win big, you want to look like a bit of a high roller!

Once you're at the course there's usually a choice of being indoors with betting stations and screens to watch the races, or you can be outside and watch down by the race course. Depending on the size of the course, you probably won't see much of the race first hand down by the side, but you will experience an amazing buzz and atmosphere if you're by the finishing post! In England, the two main types of racing are Flat Racing which is distance racing over a flat course; and then races over obstacles like hurdles which is referred to as National Hunt Racing.

There will be betting stations in and around the race course and you can wager different amounts on a variety of outcomes. You can choose the winner outright to win, or pick the first two or three in the correct order or pick the first two or three in any order and more! If you pick up a race card when you go in, you'll be able to see which horses are running in each race and find some details of their past performance so you can pick out which horse and jockey you want to bet on. You can distinguish the horses during the race by the distinct colours worn by the jockeys which are all different designs to each other.

Horse racing is a fun day out on a stag party as you guys get to drink, chat, gamble and watch the races hopefully with some sunshine on you. It can be such an adrenaline buzz if you pick a winner and you might even be able to win enough money to buy a couple of extra rounds that night! It goes without saying that you need to take care when gambling and if you don't want to get caught up in the excitement and bet too much money, set yourself a limit before you go in and try and stick to it.

After the last race you can then head back into town and continue the partying until the early hours of the evening!