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It's only fun until something goes wrong... and then it's hilarious

It's only fun until something goes wrong... and then it's hilarious

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There are no rules on a stag do except to have as much fun and trouble as humanly possible, and then some more. We all expect to have some sore heads, bumps and bruises, misplaced items and lost memories. The stag weekend is a major initiation, a rite of passage and not something you can breeze through. It is a test of strength and endurance to see just how much fun you can have. Our packages are not about a game of chess and a mug of cocoa, our packages are about mind blowing experiences  that leave you with a guilty smile on your face as your crawl home to the girlfriend Sunday night to be nursed better.

We’ve put together some hints and tips that you might want to remember if you’re about to embark on the messiest weekend of the year and want to enjoy it without major mishaps and remain relatively in one piece. Alternatively, if your idea of a Stag Do is going into the wilderness to survive Ray Mears style and fend off pig-loving locals with your bow and arrow like the guys from Deliverance, feel free to ignore this sane advice.

Travel Insurance

It’s probably the last thing on your mind if you’re heading to Riga stag weekends, Krakow, Budapest or one of our other European destinations. Passport, wallet and a spare pair of socks right? Perhaps, but if you’re the clumsy type more prone to broken limbs than minor scrapes then make sure you’re covered for all eventualities. A point to note is that many insurance companies will void a claim if alcohol has been involved. Barbaric . We know it had nothing to do with the 10 pints of lager, those steps moved!



It’s a good idea not to carry all your cash and cards with you on one night out. As a former stag goer found out:
“One of the guys with us lost his wallet on the first day. Pain in the arse but we gave him some money to tide him over and even found a spare wallet he could use. He lost that one on the second day. We don’t take him with us any more.”
Don’t let that shunned man be you.



Because if you’re lucky, you don’t want to ruin the memories of the blonde bombshell who rocked your world by taking home something more than a cheeky memory.


Remember where you are...

You’re in the middle of Krakow, it’s 4 in the morning and after a heavy night to end all nights you are finally ready for the pillow. Which would be fine if you had any idea where it was you were staying or how to get there.  Okay, this is the sort of thing your mum would make you do if you’re going away to cub camp for the first time but a list of useful numbers and names of places isn’t a bad thing to have. Something that you can fit into your wallet and show a taxi driver to deliver you to your bed.



Essential if there’s a big group of you and you don’t want to get split up for the entire evening. In this day and age you probably won’t  go anywhere without it anyway but just in case.