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Join The Royal Wedding Escape

The Guardian has announced that holidays company's are seeing a massive increase in bookings for trips abroad from Brits desperate to escape the Royal Wedding. There will be a 4 day weekend, thanks to that loveable rogue, David Cameron, and many Brits are seeing that as a chance to escape these shores for an early dose of sun. The perfect weekend for stag dos, we reckon...

Friday 29th April is the date that Prince William will tie the knot with Kate Middleton, which conveniently for the work-shy among us, falls on the same weekend as the May bank holiday. This is the weekend after Easter weekend, which leaves us with two successive 4 day weekends. You know, the dream.

According to online holiday companies the number of people searching for April holidays is at least double last year, while are reporting that online searches for hotel companies have risen by 212% for the last weekend in April compared to last year. Thomas Cook have put 100,000 extra early-summer sun packages on sale to keep up with the massive demand. The budget airline Ryanair has also noted a 65% rise in bookings.

Lonely Planet's Tom Hall commented,

"It's a bonanza for the foreign travel industry, which I'm sure the prime minister wasn't expecting,

"There is a huge degree of interest making the most of the extra time that's being offered. As pretty much anyone who works will back up, an opportunity like that is not to be missed. And, of course, hoteliers in this country are facing an influx of tourists coming into London for the wedding, so it's a good time to leave town."

This news comes the same day as it was announced that offenders performing community service would be asked to scrub the walls of London's tube stations to present the country in its best shape for the afore-mentioned influx of tourists heading for London.

A Westminster cabinet member commented,

"We know come 29 April the eyes of the world will be upon us and we want to make sure the city offers the best environment possible."

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