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Lapdancing 'has become more respectable'

A lapdancer in Kent has insisted that many of the perceptions of her job are absolutely not true.

Danielle Walker, a 19-old-student from Kent, works part-time as a lapdancer in a Canterbury nightclub.

Speaking to the Canterbury Adscene, she said the venue attracts a wide variety of people, and not just the stereotypical "dirty old man" sitting in the corner.

"We have 21 to 60-year-olds come in," she commented.

"We have stag parties who have a laugh and work parties who are always enjoyable.

Ms Walker said that the dancers are seen by customers as hostesses, while the staff view them as guests.

This, she stated, means that everyone treats each other with respect.

She added that her job has the added bonus of helping her to keep fit, as she has toned her body and lost weight.

However, some in the industry have expressed concern at recent moves to tighten licensing regulations.

Victoria Andrews, manager of Aqualounge in Southampton, told the Daily Echo this may be disastrous for lapdancing venues.