Majority of stags 'economical with the truth' on their stag weekend

21 Nov 2012

Majority of stags 'economical with the truth' on their stag weekend
This is the first in a short series of posts where we look at the ‘naked truth’ of the stag weekend. Over the coming weeks we’ll delve into the results of some independent research and our own data, fusing both together to create an infographic of epic stag proportions. Today we look at the number of stags who have lied to their partners about just what they’ve got up to on their stag weekend. A staggering 74% of men on their last night of freedom have been, shall we say ‘economical with the truth’ when telling their partners what their weekend entailed. So, almost three quarters of stags will tell a little white lie or two about the kinds of shenanigans they got up to over the course of their stag weekend. That’s a LOT, especially when you compare this to just 43% of hens who hide something from their fellas. However, while such a large number of lads lie their ladies will be pleased to hear that going to a strip club is the thing that most men will try to cover up, and not being unfaithful! We wonder if men need to lie about visiting a strip club these days, as many women’s attitudes to this have changed. In fact, I think there are a few out there who would be happy to accompany their fella and make an evening of it. Still, it appears that the trend of ‘what happens on the stag, stays on the stag’ will continue for now, but it’s good to know that the stags are behaving themselves. Ok, not behaving themselves so much, but are keeping out of trouble to a certain extent, and that is probably all we can ask for at the moment. Be sure to keep an eye on the Stag Company blog over the coming weeks to discover more facts and bits about the naked truth of stag weekends, and don’t forget to check out our sister site Hen Heaven and their own infographic! Click the image below to view the full size section of our infographic.


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