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Leap Year Proposals In 2020

Leap Year Proposals In 2020

Back in 2016 we helped a lady propose to her partner and documented the entire event, a great spectacle and a truly heart warming moment. Well the leap year has come back around and we're ready for another romantic day of proposals in the reverse of the traditional order, following a historic Irish tradition.

Yes, if you feel like surprising the male love of your life, or you're quite simply bored of waiting, then the 29th February offers a great time to drop to one knee and pop the big question. But we wondered how many would be making the big move this year, how they would handle the proposal and what type of ring they would be buying, so we put the question to the British public. 1,000 respondents later and we've learned a lot about the subject, while we also ran a follow-up survey to 200 men in order to find coresponding answers.

It still isn't yet the mainstream thought track, with only 14% of women saying they would consider proposing. However, maybe they should give it further consideration as them men seem open to being proposed to.

Well, 38% said they would like to be proposed to, but when the data was changed to only show people who selected their relationship status as 'in a relationship, not married', the answer grew to a whopping 67%!

Looking further at the 14% who were open to proposing, 51% said it was due to impatience around the guy proposing. Let's just face it, it can feel a long time coming and why shouldn't women be able to make the move if they're delaying. Of course, for some men it can be a financial factor which is affecting them buying the engagement ring, which is why it is interesting to see 22% thinking it shouldn't always fall on men to do the proposing, a very modern approach, as well as 17% directly saying their partner couldn't afford the ring.

But where will it take place? On a romantic holiday with sunsetting along the horizon, or his favourite dinner setup on the table at home and rose petals coating the floor? Well home rather than outside is the winner, with 56% preferring to do it in the house.

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