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Don't Get Left in the Dark On Your Stag Weekend

Don't Get Left in the Dark On Your Stag Weekend

Your humble Stag Company scribe has been on his fair share of trips abroad with the lads with a DIY ethos.

“We’ll work out what we’re doing when we get there…”

If only it were so easy to find inspiration for stag weekend ideas.


Trudging from bar to bar, paying £6 for a pint in half-empty dead-end boozers, paying top-whack for half-baked city tours just to fill up the day, walking for hours on end aimlessly “have we been here before?” We have. Where’s the hotel? Miles out of town. Should we get a taxi? Dollar.

These questions lead to tension, tension leads to conflict, conflict leads to a shocker of a stag do. Don’t gamble with your weekend, with your hard-earned time-off and money; book through the company that has 10 years of experience of sending groups of men to the best hotels and the busiest clubs, all in the most centrally located areas.

Yes, we take care of all of the details to ensure that if your trip was a pizza it would be fully loaded with stuffed crusts, if it were a football league it would be the Premier League and if it was a girl it’d be Kelly Brooke.

These details (the activity, the hotel, the clubs) merely the chapter names, you fill them in with whatever you want. We want to organise the most fitting stag weekend for you and your friends. If you’re a bunch of lairy, would-be Casanovas: we know where the girls are. If you’re the bookish, bespectacled type: we know where the best museums and galleries are, if you want to go and watch a football match, we know where the stadiums are and how much it is to get in.

The Stag Company recognises that preparation is everything but that preparation is equally dull, so leave that to us, just select the activities you want to do, in the location you want to do them in and we do the rest. We’ll just send you an itenary with where you need to be, and how to get there when you’ve chosen.

All leaving you and the boys free to concentrate on having a good time – sounds like a pretty fair trade off, non?