New stag do activities for Nottingham

23 Apr 2010

New stag do activities for Nottingham

Nottingham is already one of the best destinations for a stag weekend in the United Kingdom, but now it has got even better thanks to a host of new daytime activities on offer for the stags. Laser Tagging Al the fun of paintball, just without the paint and the bruises. Laser Tag uses state of the art laser beam technology to create adventures in a purpose built laser tag arenas in the heart of Sherwood Forest. This also works out a lot cheaper than paintball as each player has over 1,000 laser shots per game. Falconry For a totally different stag do activity try falconry, which offers real hands on experience as you handle and fly some magnificent birds. Our professional Falconer will bring at least 5 different birds of prey from owls, hawks, buzzards and of course falcons. Ultimate Race Experience This is not for lazy lads! Far from it! The ultimate race begins with a run down a hit strapped in a ball and just as your head stops spinning you’ll be kayaking across a lake before you play Jesus and walk back across the water. Ok, that last bit needs some more explaining. You use special water walkers to keep afloat and then once you get back onto dry land it is a sprint to the finish. The loser will be getting the beers in and after that you need it. Segway Experience Imagine you had the ability to hover above the ground and were able to control your movement by simply leaning. Does that sound like science fiction? It doesn’t need to be as you can get this feeling from the Segway X2 in Nottingham.


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