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Newcastle Night Out

03 Jan 2009

Newcastle Night Out

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Tucked away in a corner of the North, there is a party hard city known as Newcastle, famous for its football club, Newcastle Brown ale, a big bridge and a massive angel statue. More importantly the people here are friendly and the women have insulated skin, which means even in the winter months expect to see mini skirts and plenty of skin, these girls are so hot they just don’t feel the cold.

With a high concentration of pubs and clubs it’s no wonder this city earns its reputation for being a location that knows how to have fun. Its night life even landed it at the top spot of the Rough Guide to Britain’s list of tourist attractions in the country. That means going out in Newcastle beats going to stare at Big Ben..., which we could have told you but there you go, it’s now in a book as well. Over the past ten years Newcastle has gone from strength to strength to appeal to the late night crowd. Later opening hours, increased range of clubs and new high-class bars have all been reasons that people keep coming back.

We love to give our stags choice, and one of the reasons Newcastle does so well is due to the different areas you can drink in round and about the city. The best way to explore Newcastle is to just roll up your sleeves and get stuck in, sample pubs and work your way around the bright lights and noise of the city. To give you a little idea about the types of places you could be drinking in, we’ve outlined a few below.

Quay Side

Not just home to views of bridges, the Quayside is one of the top spots to be entertained on your night out. It’s a young area and you can expect lots of noise, bustle and bright lights as you hop from bar to bar. Very lively, it can accommodate you from eating, and drinking through to clubbing. Some places to check out in this area are:

Baja Beach Club

Club Havana Nightclub

Foundation Nightclub

Bar M



Central Station

This is a little less crazy than Quayside but still good for a group night out.  It’s popular with students with a young atmosphere and independent pubs that do live music. Plenty of pubs and cocktails bars greet you in this area to provide you with refreshment. A recommended spot is the Bridge Hotel opposite the castle where you can get some good views of the quayside. Views...yeah, that’s what you’re going to Newcastle for. Okay, some pubs to expect to see here:


JD Wetherspoons (Union Rooms)



The Lounge


Bigg Market

A pub area with plenty of restaurants as well, this tend to fill up quickly and it doesn’t take long for the pubs to get queues outside so you might want to start your night off eating and drinking here. Thousands of people come to drink here at the weekend, and they can’ all be wrong about going here to have a good time. There will be plenty of high spirits and noise in this area at the weekend and some places to sample are:

Old George Pub

Duke of Wellington

The Bacchus



Jesmond – Osborne Road

If you’re after something a bit trendier and a little less manic, then come to the latest place to be seen.  It’s one of the up and coming areas and because of the bars attached to many of the hotels it tends to attract a higher paying pub crowd. Footballers have been known to drink here, but then footballers have been known to drink anywhere and it’s whether being somewhere cool is important, or being anywhere that sells alcohol is important... Places to check out here include:

Mr Lynch

Bar Belise

Bar Polo

Bilabong Bar and bistro

As You Like It

For more info about what Newcastle can offer you for entertainment and activities, call one of our guys at the office and they can help you out.


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