Noel Gallagher Stag Weekend Ideas: Idle Speculation

06 Apr 2011

Throw your televisions through the hotel window, plough your Rolls Royce into your nearest swimming pool, a member of the country's rock n' roll aristocracy is getting hitched putting the nation's clubs and bars on red alert in anticipation of one of those UK stag weekends to remember.

The former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher has announced that he will finally be getting married to his girlfriend of 11 years in a ceremony believed to be taking place in the summer. Gallagher met Sarah McDonald in Ibiza 11 years ago and has 2 children with her. A source close to the pair said that the ceremony was a formality.

The source said: "They have been living like they are married for years anyway, but now they have a family together Noel thought it was the right time to do the romantic thing."

Gallagher quit the band that made his fortune last year after a high profile bust-up with brother Liam in Paris that provoked irrepairable differences between the pair.

In terms of the stag weekend, obviously nothing has been decided yet, though that's never stopped The Stag Company from speculating...

Perhaps Noel will take his known close friend, the recently married Russell Brand to for a stag do London style. Brand invited Gallagher to his own stag weekend that was reportedly, one of the quietest stag dos of all time with all the lads back at the hotel by 1am, despite visiting a London "gentleman's club".

Perhaps they'll stag Barcelona, where Noel Gallagher was last season personally invited to watch a match at the Nou Camp by the world's best footballer, Lionel Messi - known to be a huge Oasis fan.

Whatever Noel decides to do, our faithful source, shrouded in mystery, commented:

"They are madly in love and spend all their time together without any bickering. They are a perfect match."

The couple already have 2 children together, Donovan and Sonny. Noel is due to release a solo album at some point in the not-too-distant future.


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