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Norway 'offers low costs to visitors'

Leisure travellers from the UK have been encouraged to take advantage of affordable costs in Norway.

According to VisitNorway, the country's currency has lost about 25 per cent of its value in the last few months.

As a result, the krone is at an all-time low against currencies such as the pound, which is itself sliding against the euro.

Therefore, it is keeping its value against the krone, a development which VisitNorway believes could make the country a highly affordable place for Britons to visit.

"Norway hasn't been cheaper for decades," it commented.

This, it said, means it could be "excellent choice for holidaymakers feeling the pinch."

Analysts including Abta - The Travel Association have already a noted a growing shift towards non-eurozone countries.

This has been partly attributed to the impact exchange rates are having on the price of visiting places such as France and Spain.