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The Official Britain’s Biggest Bromance: Lee and Neil

The Official Britain’s Biggest Bromance: Lee and Neil

This is it – after reading about bromance after bromance and seeing photos of a few too many guys with too few clothes on, I’m writing about the new official faces of Bromance in this country. Yes, Britain’s Biggest Bromance has been announced and we’re proud to have Lee and Neil as the winners. I won’t lie, we loved some of the entries so much (a couple of which you can already check out on our blog) we wanted to start up a triple or quadruple bromance between them all – but when Lee and Neil’s came through, there wasn’t going to be any other 2 guys as close as they are, with the pair ticking all possible bromantic boxes… from being friends for years and years, living and working together, to doing everything else their at times distressed girlfriend’s will allow them to do. So come on Britain, bow down to Lee and Neil and soak up everything about their very special bromance… Meeting at just 11 years old, things were always meant to be between them both, with their bromance being way before their time and it wasn’t long until they were swapping and doctoring their timetables so that they were in the same classes – and then always being a duo to take it a step further, Lee even followed suit when Neil got a detention for swearing at a teacher… immediately doing the same so they could even share the punishment (now that’s a real hero if you ask me!) The whole thing continued in its ascendency until school finished and Neil decided to head off and join the army – taking a tour of duty in Afghanistan (this time Lee didn’t follow suit because he’s the one with tattoos and skinny jeans and a helmet nor a flak jacket goes with them). The pair vowed that it wasn’t over and Lee even said that if the worst did happen, he would get a tattoo of Neil’s name… Luckily for them both it didn’t and upon Neil’s return they picked up right where they left off but took the whole thing up a notch. Some friends spend nights down the pub and think they’re in a bromance, but Lee and Neil put these guys to shame, as Neil quickly moved in with Lee and his partner Jade (I wonder how happy she was about the arrangement?) so they could spend every waking minute together… and when I say ‘every waking minute’ I mean every single waking minute. As the pair even work together, read in bed together, brush their teeth while the other is answering to the call of nature and wear matching clothes (mainly boxers) together. Phew, that’s a lot of Bromance and I hope you will agree, worthy of the title… all we need now is for Lee to get that tattoo of Neil’s name and for one of them to get married so they can set off on the most bromantic stag weekend!  

Tom Bourlet

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