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Origins of the Stag Weekend

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What better to way to kick off the Stag Company blog with a trip back through time to find out just where the stag weekend came from? And no, it wasn't Blackpool in the 1970's...

The history of bachelor party is thought to have originated in the 5th century BC with a bachelor dinner that was traditional in ancient Sparta. Soldiers would toast each other on the eve of a friend's wedding at a civilised dinner, before consuming gallons of the finest vino and being visited by a Greek Goddess who gave them a glimpse of her 'heavenly delights'.

Celtic and early English mythology often reffered to Cernunnos, the Horned God, who was worshipped as a large hairy god who sported antlers and ran around with the Einheriar, or 'wild hunt'. Cernunnos still runs around with the wild hunt and is worshipped as much as he was those many years ago, but lately Cernunnos has lost his antlers, has got much more hairy and is now known as 'Wayne Rooney'.

In case your history of porno flicks only goes back as far as 'Debbie Does Dallas', in the 1930s 'stag movies' were short, pornographic films shown at 'stag parties' for men about to be married ('stag' had been used to mean 'for men only' since 1934). Other uses of stag are going 'stag' to a dance (going on your own) and standing in the 'stag line' - a line of men waiting for a dance with an unattached woman. In modern times, these are known as 'losers' and 'perverts' respectively.

Historically, the reference to stag and bucks has strong male connotations. The leader of the pack or herd, virile, male vigour and ardour, males in their prime identified with strength and vitality.
Although after consuming a 'Flaming Lamborgini' and a few 'Jagermeister Bombs', we doubt that even the most hard drinking meathead will be full of virility, vigour or ardour and will be more than susceptible to having his head shaved, stripped of his clothes and then chained to the nearest lamppost.

Now you know the history, all you need to do is to decide the future of your stag weekend. Just make sure that you use The Stag Company to make sure that your stag weekend is truly legendary and goes down in the history books.