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Stag Dare Of The Week: Who's Rocking The Most Outrageous Costume?

Stag Dare Of The Week: Who's Rocking The Most Outrageous Costume?

It's Thursday and that means it's time for another stag do Dare Of The Week blog, landing conveniently on your screens right before you head off on your booze and smut-filled weekends across the UK and Europe tomorrow. After some hilarious responses to our first couple of dares, this week's offering will surely have you all in stitches from the moment you head out on the town right up to when you crash out in a drunken heap back at your hotel room several hours later. With items such as inflatable willy outfits, Wolverine costumes and the hilarious little (?) number you see in the photo above to choose from, we want to see photographic evidence of some seriously hilarious stag party costumes doing the rounds across town and city centres both here and abroad. The lovingly-named vagina costume does pretty much what it says on the tin, being a pink outfit with ladies' parts emblazoned across the front. The phrase 'so wrong it's right' is most certainly what you want to be aiming for with this stag dare! The title of most inappropriate costume definitely has to go to the willy shorts though, a large fake ding dong poking out through blue sports shorts. It'll either have nightclub bouncers in stitches or having them try to report you for indecent exposure, hopefully the former. They will shock and amuse in equal measure, exactly the emotions that you want people to feel. In terms of pictures that we'll be featuring on our Facebook page we want to see interesting combinations of costumes. So, for example, someone wearing a vagina costume and someone dressed up as our good friend the flashing highlander from the photo above. Opposites do attract, after all! Whilst these kinds of costumes are the norm in most large British town centres on a Friday night, we'll be giving extra brownie points for photos sent from something like a stag weekend in Barcelona, for instance. Just be careful not to offend anybody too much!


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