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Hit the Paintball Battlefield in Bournemouth

Take a classic stag weekend activity like paintballing and a classic stag weekend location like Bournemouth and you my son have the makings of a doubly classic stag weekend. Take the action and adventure of shooting the shit out of your friends and then spend some time relaxing by the beautiful beach or by spending time in the swinging hotspots of Bournemouth.

Why Bournemouth?

Long gone is the reputation of Bournemouth as being god's waiting room by the sea. Yes it used to be home to a large retiring community and to some extent it still is, however an influx in young whipper-snapper students soon saw Bournemouth shaken to its core. No longer were ice cream cones and donkey rides enough, the kids wanted more and more is what Bournemouth gave them. This town now has everything a stag weekend needs. If you head to this Dorset coastal town today you'll be greeted by great day time activity centres, good shopping and some of the best night spots on the south coast.

Why Paintballing ?

Paintballing is a sport for real men. You need the strength of character to remain calm when under fire and have the patience to stalk and hunt your opponent whilst devising a winning strategy to beat them. Above all else you need an extreme threshold for pain because chances are you're going to get shot at least once... and it's going to sting.

Paintballing lets stag groups unleash those childhood soldier dreams without the risk of actually being hurt. You'll have enough bruises to get sympathy from girls when you're out on the town, but it's all in a safe environment. Paintballing gets the adrenaline pumping leaving you feeling fired up for the rest of the day.

What can you expect?

Once you've arrived at the paintball activity centre you'll be greeted and briefed on the rules of how to play, shown your equipment and told about safety. Then it's off to get you and the rest of your stag party kitted out with everything you need to go to paintball war.

You'll play a number of different games and will most likely be in teams the most popular game is capturing the flag where you have to try and make your way into your enemy's base and take their flag back to your camp whilst protecting your own flag. Once you've played all your games you can leave the battle ground exhausted and bruised and get ready for that first rewarding pint.

What to do on the night?

Bournemouth has a brilliant nightlife and in the summer you really get a sense of that party until dawn atmosphere. We will provide you with great accommodation but don't be surprised if you find yourself down by the beach in the early hours instead of napping at your hotel! There are a few nightclubs on the sea front, but most of the action happens a little way inland and you can wander up Richmond Hill for some trendy bars or along Gervais Place for some great pubs and clubs. The town has everything from a Wetherspoons, Walkabout and Yates's to more upmarket wine bars like Bliss and DNA.

For more information about paintballing or stag weekends in Bournemouth, call the office today.