Paintballing Brighton

18 Jan 2009

As a resident of Brighton, I could spend quite a bit of time writing about its strengths as a great town to party in and to live in. However, chances are you don't have a great deal of time to read everything about Brighton, you want to know the highlights. Is it worth coming to for a stag weekend? Yes. Is it worth coming to for a stag weekend to do paintballing? Most definitely.

On the south coast of England in East Sussex, Brighton has evolved over the years from a little seaside town into a major party capital of England. With its stone beach and the healing sea air that the Victorians thought cured everything, Brighton is a place for R and R, whether that's rest and relaxation or rock and roll. With over 400 pubs and plenty of nightclubs, Brighton is a place to shake it up in the evening, but being right on the south coast of England, you get some of the nicest summer weather around and mild winters. This means it's one of our most popular places for out door activities like Paintballing.

Paintball is an extreme game which was first played in New Hampshire, June 27th, 1980. Back then, the most pellets you had were around 10. This made it a great tactical game, but with the hundred + pellets you'll get when you book through us, it makes it much more messy and therefore fun! It's an extreme sport that can be played indoors or outdoors, but mostly outdoors – it's difficult to hunt and stalk in a wood if you're indoors.

The most common types of game you will play is being split into teams and competing for a common objective, or to eliminate the other team. The most common game is "Capture the Flag" where you usually have to capture your opposing team's flag and then erect it (snigger) in your own camp.

We've got a superb venue for paintballing set in 50 acres of woodland and just a 10 minute drive from Brighton. It's an adrenaline filled game and it's easy to forget that it's just for fun and think that you are a soldier in battle. Don't be surprised if you suddenly see your friends turn into maniac warriors. There's something about woodland and guns that does this to the best of men.

We're sure you'll love this venue and this activity, it's one of our most requested packages. Shoot or be shot!


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