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Paintballing dad becomes YouTube smash

Paintballing dad becomes YouTube smash

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When I was younger, dads weren’t meant to be cool. You were mostly embarrassed by your dad and that was okay, it was expected because everyone else’s dad was a bit weird as well. I remember dad’s being cardigan wearing sense talking men that you never wanted to grow up to be like, but were the first you went to for some DIY know how.

These days dads are now invading our territory of coolness right down to dominating some typical macho stag activities like paintballing. One dad is firmly bucking the embarrassing dad trend by becoming the tenth most subscribed poster in YouTube history for his extreme paintballing videos. What started out as videos to show his 6 year old son what he did at the weekend is now something of a phenomenon with one of his recent films getting over 1.7 million viewers. Had YouTube been around when I was a kid, I’m not sure videos of my dad doing air-fix models in his slippers would have got quite the same response.

He has over 16,000 subscribers which beats Paul McCartney and Led Zeppelin and the 43 year old gas worker has even landed himself a role in the action thriller FUBAR as a hit man next year. I don’t think I would want him with me on my stag do if we went paintballing as he would be bound to show the group up for the amateur paint soldiers we really are. I’m sure his son is very proud but I’ve also got a sneaking suspicion that he’s a little bit pissed off that his dad is probably a lot cooler than he is.