Have a game of Paintball in Leeds

31 Jan 2009

Have a game of Paintball in Leeds

A famous hot spot for Footballers, Leeds nightlife is second to none. Okay Robinho might be shying away from the clubs for a few nights in at the moment but it's very tricky to resist the lure of the bright lights of this West Yorkshire city. The main drinking areas for stag parties are all near the station making it easy to start as soon as you arrive. You might want to wait a little while though, because you'll need your wits about you to get through a half day of paintballing.

Paintballing is one of those ingenious ideas cooked up by a couple of testosterone-fuelled men that just makes you thankful to be a guy. We do indeed have the best ideas. You'd never get a couple of lasses yakking away and then coming up with an idea for a compressed air propelled gun that fired rounds of hard-hitting, bruise-inducing pellets of paint. Genius.  It is the thing our childhood dreams were made of.  Bunkers, abandoned buildings, open woodland, the threat of death... well maybe not the threat of actual death but a good dose of adrenaline is certainly to be expected. With mask and overalls you look like some kind of horror movie assassin... and then the shooting begins. First thing anyone will ever tell you if you've never been before is how much those flipping pellets hurt. Pellets don't actually do them justice, they feel like rocks. But, that's what makes it exciting. If it didn't hurt, you wouldn't get that same amount of tension.

On a stag weekend, paintballing comprises all of the things you need for a top day time activity. You get to run around and get the blood pumping, it's competitive, it hurts, and there's a lot of adrenaline. The venue we've chose is around 10 mins from the centre of Leeds and has around 10 different types of games that you can play. You get 100 free paintballs so you can get at least a little trigger happy, though of course we would never endorse over-shooting... especially not from nearby... and not on the arse of the stag... no we could never encourage that sort of horse play.

Once you've worn yourself out on the battlefield, it's time to soldier it on into the city centre of Leeds where you can pick and choose your choice of entertainment. From cheesy to hardcore, student to yuppy to old man's pubs, there's plenty of places for you to drink here. Why not check out City Square, Park row, Greek Street, Headrow and Millennium Square. There won't be a shortage of places to drink and dance your stag night away.



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