Peak District Stag Do

03 May 2022

Peak District Stag Do

What people want in a stag do has drastically changed over the past 15 years since TheStagCompany launched. I myself can admit that the wild days are long gone and a country walk sounds a lot more appealing than an all-nighter in a club nowadays.

The interest in a peak district stag do has grown phenomenally over the past few years, now getting 50 searches in the UK per month (there were only around 5 back 5 years ago). While we don't directly offer the Peak District, I have done my best to detail how you can go about planning out the dream Peak District stag do.

Is The Peak District Free?

The national park does charge an entry fee for adults, of £7 for up to five hours. There are a number of aspects which are free, such as the 45 minute National Park talks, if you're interested in listening along, as well as the 'ask the ranger' online live talks. If you have a National Trust Educational Group Membership, then each person in your stag do could save £2.50.

Is There A Car Park?

The national park has an astonishing 45 different car parks, depending on what area you plan on arriving in. 27 of these are free, however the other 18 do have a Pay & Display system. To find out more, I'd recommend having a look at their guide to car park locations.

What Activities Could I Book?

While in the Peak District, you'll be limited to what you can do, however one key benefit of having your stag do around the Peak District is the short distance to several cities, such as Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham, not to mention the neighbouring Sheffield.

Considering most stag weekends will last 1-3 days, you may want to try some other activities. In Manchester, you may like to try some bubble football or paintballing. From Leeds, footgolf courses have been popping up and have been a huge hit for groups of lads wanting to get outside and have a laugh together. Quad biking is another great outside activity.

If you would prefer to visit Nottingham, then Hooters could be a naughty place to stop off for lunch. If you're again looking for an outside activity, you may be surprised to hear this is a great spot for some white water rafting, which will really pump up the adrenaline and give everyone a once in a lifetime experience.

Where Can I Stay?

There are a number of local hotels to the Peak District if you want to remain close to the National Park, such as Losehill House Hotel & Spa, Palace Hotel Buxton, Doubletree by Hilton and the Rutland Arms hotel.

However, if you'd prefer to visit during the day and then stay in one of the previously highlighted cities so you can still enjoy some nightlife or some other experiences, then we can help arrange this all for you, whether that's in Manchester, Leeds or Nottingham, give our team a call.

Is This A Stag Friendly Area?

It depends how rowdy the group are, it is important to remember that the people visiting the Peak District are looking for a relaxing exploration of the wild, seeing beautiful views and nature upclose, the last thing they want is beer cans thrown on the floor and a loud group walking past. So make sure to be careful about volume and cleaning up after yourselves.

Also, if you plan on wearing fancy dress, expect a few annoyed remarks or rude gestures, but I doubt anyone will stop you.

How Can We help?

Our team of event planners can help to book your accommodation and arrange the activities for your last night of freedom. Our team of experts have been planning these events for years, therefore they're highly knowledgable and they can adjust the plan to suit your group and your interests. With just a £50 group deposit, we can take a small inital payment and then take monthly payments, meaning you don't have to worry about paying it all in one go.

We hope you have an amazing stag weekend in the Peak District and please do ask us if you have any questions at all.


Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet

Tom is our SEO expert and Senior Digital Marketer at The Stag Company. He has a huge passion for travelling, playing the saxophone, the gym and completing as many life experiences as possible.

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