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Peter Andre was banned from having a stag do by Jordan

Being banned from having a stag do by your wife-to-be is not a good sign of things to come and in the case of Peter Andre this concern would certainly have been well-placed.

The popstar has revealed that he was banned from having a stag party before he married the glamour model Jordan, as he felt she didn't trust him.

Well, we are sorry Jordan, but every guy deserves a stag party to celebrate his last night of freedom.

Peter Andre said: "Kate did a lot of the deciding - as always, she knew exactly what she wanted.

"Kate had a hen do but for me there was no stag do - Kate didn't want me to have one.

"She begged me not to because she didn't trust me 100%. She thought I'd have a stripper or that I'd get up to something.

"She made it clear that if there was even a picture of a girl with her arm around me, or just next to me, the marriage would be off."