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Picking the right venue 'important for wedding day'

Brides and grooms have been advised to consider a number of issues when picking the venue for their wedding reception.

According to the Journal, choosing a good location can be one of the most important decisions to take for the big day.

Therefore, it has suggested that couples look at factors that could make it go as smoothly and as successfully as possible.

For example, it recommended that they opt for a venue that is special to them, as it could make it more memorable in the future.

The newspaper also suggested that they pick a location which is suitably sized, as people do not want to be in a cavernous space or sat on top of each other.

"Whether it be for the wedding ceremony, reception or both, the venue can ultimately set the tone for the big day," the Journal commented.

This comes after a survey by Star Jewellers of Hatton Garden found that a record number of couples intend to tie the knot this year.