How to get started with the planning of your Stag party

25 Feb 2013

How to get started with the planning of your Stag party
Once you take the leap and propose to your beautiful girlfriend you’ll soon realise that with it comes a hell of a lot of planning and preparation. The first thing most men will want to start planning is their stag party, and why not? It has the potential to be one of your most memorable events of your life (be sure to mention your wedding in the same high esteem in years to come though!), so allow me to give you some tips and pointers that will at least get your stag do plans moving in the right direction. Decide on rough dates for the stag weekend First of all you’ll need to work out when you want to go on your stag do, so it probably makes sense to have your wedding date planned before you do this. Else you’ll either end up having a stag do two years before you get married, or the big day will come around so quick you won’t even get a change to enjoy your last night of freedom. So sit down with the fiancée and decide on a date, then you can both start planning your hen and stag dos knowing how much time you have to get everything planned and booked. Decide who you want to come and get rough numbers Chances are you’ll probably want to invite every male friend you have on Facebook, but the reality is that you’ll want to choose carefully who you want to invite to your stag do. It’s also worth taking into account the fact that your group numbers will fluctuate, as people will agree to come before dropping out, be it due to dates, money, controlling spouses or partners, or even events outside their control. Whatever happens, expect the numbers to be less than you originally had, or if you’re particularly popular they may even be more! Either way, you should be prepared for this to happen. Choose where to go and what to do You may have your heart set on somewhere from the start, perhaps you’ve had great times on Benidorm stag weekends in the past or you’ve always wanted to have your stag do in Bournemouth. Specific activities can also affect where you can go for your stag weekend, so if there is something specific that you really want to do you may find your options limited when it comes to cities that can offer what you want. If you’re more interested in the experience as a whole then the world can be your oyster here. This depends on everyone’s budget, of course. Budget for those who are coming Wherever you have in mind for your stag do it is best to consider the budgets of the friends who are interested in coming. Not everyone will be able to flit off to Las Vegas for the weekend, so you may need to think about planning something closer to home if some of the stag party can’t stretch to trans-Atlantic flights. Accommodation can also make a difference with prices, if you’re only really planning on sleeping in your hotel rooms and nothing else then there is not much point in booking a four or five star hotel. Some of your group may not be able to stretch to such luxury either, if this is the case make sure you keep this in mind. Let someone else take the weight Seeing as you’re getting married as well you’ll also have the small matter of a wedding to get planned as well. Fortunately the best man is usually given the job of arranging the stag do, so you can delegate this to yours. By all means be involved in the whole process, but having your best man take care of things does leave you more time to spend deciding on place settings and flowers with your bride-to-be. These tips will at least get your stag weekend plans started. There is still much more to consider and arrange but the sooner you start the more time you have to make sure everything in perfect and in place for the best weekend of your life!


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