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Poland 'offers good value to visitors'

Consumers who want to enjoy an affordable stag weekend overseas could find Poland an excellent place to visit.

According to Tom Hall, a travel writer at the Irish Independent, the country is currently one of the best-value destinations in Europe.

Although he said the Polish currency is worth slightly more than it was this time last year, the favourable exchange rates are still "not to be sniffed at".

Mr Hall commented: "Poland is still one of Europe's better-value destinations, if not quite the bargain that it was a few years ago."

He added that if consumers have euros in their wallet, they will be able to easily exchange them for zloty.

The affordability of the country was recently flagged up by the Polish National Tourist Office.

According to the organisation, Poland is also a "great" place to visit because it offers a wide variety of "world-class" attractions.