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Police help counterparts in stag party hotspot

Police help counterparts in stag party hotspot

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British police officers are to educate their Latvian counterparts on how to deal with drunk stag weekend revellers.


The eastern European country has become one of the main hotspots for both stag and hen parties from the UK.



As a result, South Wales Police are collaborating with Latvian officers to show how they deal with alcohol-related crime.



Chief Inspector Steve Murray told BBC News: "Latvia has seen a rise in the number of visits by groups of people on hen and stag parties.



"This has had an impact their night-time economy and also policing the capital city."



Since South Wales Police was recently recognised by the Home Office for its success in policing city centre streets at night, representatives have invited to share any useful tips with Latvian police.



The Foreign Office described the trip as a chance to share best practice and look at practical ways of making Latvia a safe and pleasant place to visit.



Eastern Europe was recently highlighted as a popular destination for Britons by Abta and