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Prince William Stag Weekend Helicopter Joyride

Prince William Stag Weekend Helicopter Joyride

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Stag parties are a chance to hang out with your closest mates to let is all hang out and to celebrate saying goodbye to years of freedom and face up to your responsibilities as a man. There are many different ways in which to celebrate this wonderful tradition. For some it is a sexy, booze filled trip to bars, clubs and strip places; some prefer an action day ( usually booze filled as well ) with shooting, rafting, quad bike racing or such action packed pursuits. The two factors which are ever present are booze and blokey bonding activities.

Stag parties have also vastly differing budgets, all of which are catered for by the Stag Company - you can go paintballing in Portsmouth, clay pigeon shooting in Cardiff or Karting in Krakow, the list is endless.

For sheer ingenuity and a fair amount of cheek you have to admire a certain young man who's Stag party plans were quite unique, even in our experience.

Peter Philips, cousin to the Heir to the Throne was lucky enough to have some of his guests arrive to his Stag party in real style. In a RAF Chinook helicopter. These little beauties are valued at £35 million each.

It is alleged that Prince William used a £9,000 training flight to pick up his brother Prince Harry from London and then fly to the Isle of Wight to attend his cousin's stag party.

It has also come to light that naughty Prince William also practiced landings in the field owned by the parents of his girlfriend Kate Middleton and used the helicopter to get to a wedding in Northumberland.

The MoD have jumped to the Prince's defence and said that the flight to the stag party on the Isle of Wight would have 'tested his new skills to the limit' but the Station Commander who somehow knew nothing of the Prince's japes, said that he would have cancelled the training had he known.

Perhaps he just wishes that he had been invited?

It was clear that this helicopter joyride was a bit of an error in judgement on Price William's part, but you wouldn't say no to a ride in his helicopter now, would you?

If you want Prince William to fly you to your stag weekend, then contact The Stag Company and we will see what we can do...