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Quad Biking in Budapest

With low cost air fares, hopping abroad for your stag weekend is no longer something for the rich and famous. There may be a credit crunch on at the moment but we're still seeing guys who want to splash out a little and have a stag weekend to remember. It is your last weekend of freedom don't you forget. Eastern Europe is emerging as a hot bed of activity for stag weekends and Hungary's capital of Budapest is becoming renowned for a stag weekend that offers a bit of everything, steeped in culture and history its architecture is breath taking, but more importantly it has some of the best nightlife around and some cracking day time activities for stags. One of the more poplar weekend activities we're seeing requested by stags is quad biking so we're here to give you the lowdown of what you can expect from this.

Quad Biking

Feel the grunt of these four wheeled machines as you take to the Hungarian countryside to tear up the fields, hills and other obstacles on the back of your quad bike. These beauties handle like motorbikes with the stability of four wheels meaning you get the speed and control you need to handle the inclines and ditches that Budapest has to throw at you.

What to Expect

When you arrive at your quad biking activity centre in Budapest you'll be greeted by your instructor who'll brief you on safety as well as how to handle and get the most out of your machine. Then you'll be taken out to follow a course in a natural or manmade landscape. You might be trekking through trees and muddy streams, kicking up gravel in an old quarry or going flat out at maximum speed on open fields. Driving when you're back home from your stag weekend just isn't going to seem the same.

Where to go on your night out in Budapest?

Split by the River Danube you have the hilly and historic side of Buda which is beautiful for day trips should the need tickle your fancy. On the east side of the Danube however you have Pest, which is the commercial centre of the city and that's where you're going to find a nightlife which will knock your socks off. There's the Banhof club which houses a mainstream dance room and one which plays more house tunes. Here' you'll find plenty of young people shaking their things with an eye to copping off. Head down there and show those Budapest beauties what you've got. If you want something a bit more upmarket you could try the Club Seven, a super cool underground venue where all the hip hang out. If you're feeling like you want plenty of space and loud tunes then head straight to the E-Klub, it delivers exactly what you need for a long night of drinking and dancing.

These are just a few suggestions of where to go but for more ideas of what to do on your stag weekend in Budapest just pick up the phone and give us a ring on 0844 826 3119.