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Rail proposals could affect stag party destination choice

While the proposed improvements to the UK rail network would make it easier to attend stag parties all over the country, the idea has come in for criticism.

Transport Watch suggested that the plans, which include building a high-speed line from Scotland to London and linking Britain with Cologne and Amsterdam, will cost so much to implement and run that they would not be worthwhile.

Director Paul Witherington explained that the taxpayer will be left to foot the bill and that only rich people will be able to afford to use the services unless they are heavily subsidised.

"People from households in the top 20 per cent of income travel five times as far per year by rail than people from either of the bottom two 20 per cents [the bottom 40 per cent," he added.

Gordon Brown took a different view, saying that the rail improvements were vital for the country as a whole.

He predicted that the economy would improve and unemployment would decrease if the government invests in public transport infrastructure.

If it goes ahead, guests could travel from Scotland to a London stag party in less than three hours.